Learning Haskell

I've tried multiple times over the past two years to lean Haskell. I always began by starting Lean You a Haskell for Great Good, a programming »

NaNaNaNaNa Batman!

Continuing with my quest to learn graphics and web design, I have completed another Adobe Illustrator tutorial from Tuts+. This one shows you how to create »

Moving to Ghost

I have been following the new kid on the blogging block; Ghost, for quite some time now. This weekend, I had nothing to do, so I »

jQuery is Awesome

Do you know how awesome jQuery really is? If you're still here, I have a feeling you want to find out. Here is a simple sample »

The Pheonix Blog

Until recently, I was running my blog on Word Press using my own hosting at Web Faction (awesome hosting provider). However, after looking at a couple »